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Bob Carroll AKA The Shooter
Photo - Steve Marley Productions
We want to thank everyone that helped with the development of this web site. This was a major undertaking, that could not have been accomplished with out the help of all of the contributors listed on this page. Special mention has to be offered here regarding Robert "Bob" Carroll, the dedicated "shooter", that spent countless hours in the quarry and lab, preparing nearly all of the specimens pictured here on the web site.

Dr. Bruce Lieberman
Photo - Dr. Bruce Lieberman

Dr. Bruce Lieberman

Associate Professor of Geology University of Kansas. Dr. Lieberman received his Ph.D at Columbia University in 1994. " His research involves using the fossil record to study macroevolutionary patterns and processes." Dr. Lieberman and his students are currently studying a new Lichid, referred to as "Bug X" from the Haragan Formation of Oklahoma.


Dr. Sam Gon III, Conservationist and Trilobite Enthusiast
Photo - Dr. Sam Gon III

Dr. Sam Gon III

A conservationist by trade, and a self proclaimed "Trilobitophile", Dr Gon has created and supplied the exquisite line drawings pictured throughout our web site. Dr. Gon's own web site is a tribute to his passion for these extinct bugs, and his dedication to detail. To many, his web site is the definitive trilobite presence available on the internet.

Visit "A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites"

Dr. George P. Hansen
Photo - Sev Coursen

Dr. George P. Hansen

George Hansen is shown on the left, giving a lesson to a cub scout troop on the geology of Pilot Knob, the remains of a Cretaceous volcano near McKinney Falls State Park. A graduate of Rice University, in Houston, Texas, he earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. His particular passion is paleontology with cogent interest in trilobites, and secondarily bryozoans. He has published several technical papers and patents in his field and also a few in Fossil Footnotes. He is also the author of a soon to be published book on the Haragen Formation, and has been consulted often during development of this web site.

Stephen Marley
Photo - Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley

Based in the Silicon Valley of Northern California, Steve Marley creates visuals, designs ads and produces video productions for the high technology industry. He has been the recipient of numerous communications industry awards and has been widely published in both trade and consumer magazines. A passionate trilobite collector for the past seven years, Marley enjoys sharing his collection with school groups in his spare time. Steve shared many of his prize trilobite specimens and photographs with us to use on this web site.

Samuel E. Stubbs, Attorney and Trilobite Collector
Photo - Samuel E. Stubbs

Samuel E. Stubbs, Esquire

Longtime Attorney, and Houston resident. Mr Stubbs has been a collector of trilobites and a fan of Bob's work for some time. He has graciously shared photos of some of his specimens prepared by Bob, with us to use on this web site.

Kristin Hurlin
Photo - Kristin Hurlin

Kristin Hurlin

An artist specializing in detailed ink drawing and watercolors. She is self taught and sells her originals at her gallery in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Kristen did the detailed drawing of the Dicranerus that is used for the logo of Carroll and C. Enterprises and the Black Cat Mountain Trilobite web site.

Visit Kristen's web site at;

Fred Wessman
Photo - Dr. George P. Hansen

Fred Wessman (1930 - 2000)

A long time resident of Spring Texas, and avid trilobite collector. Fred collected trilobites on five continents and over 50 years accumulated over 1,000 different species of trilobites. In 1999, just a year before his death, he donated 52 of his best specimens to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which published a catalog for the special exhibit. Fred was instrumental in Bob Carroll obtaining the lease for Black Cat Mountain. A number of trilobite species have been named in his honor, including Cordania wessmani and Cyphaspis wessmani both spectacular Oklahoma trilobites.

George Winters and friend
Photo - George Winters

George Winters

A resident of New York for most of his life, George fell in love with the south west while working at the American Museum of Natural History. He made a number of field trips to Wyoming and other western states to collect fossils for the museum. A web site designer by trade, he developed and maintains this web site for Black Cat Mountain Trilobites. He also maintains web sites for a number of other natural history organizations and companies. George and his family now reside in Northern Utah.

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