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Since 1989

Robert "Bob" Carroll, owner of Carroll and C. EnterprisesRobert Carroll is the founder and owner of Carroll and C. Enterprises, a company he started in 1986 after reading Riccardo Levi-Setti's Book "Trilobites".   Bob, a Viet-Nam era Navy Veteran, worked for a while as a tile setter after receiving his honorable discharge, but once the fossil bug bit, he looked for land he could lease to collect and prepare the trilobites he had read about. A self taught preparator with assistance from Scott Virgiles, Zarko Ljuboja, and Leon Theison. Bob quickly became one of the best known "shooters" in the trade.
About the time that Bob obtained the lease on Black Cat Mountain, he met and married his wife Linda, who tends to the business of the company, while Bob spends his time in the field and lab.

To this day, Bob Carroll still collects and prepares all of the specimens he sells at fossil shows, and here on the web site. He has developed a loyal following among trilobite collectors, who seek him out to add new trilobites to their collections. His attention to detail in the prep lab, and his keen eye for the elusive trilobites in the field have earned him a notable reputation.

Bob has discovered two new species. Another trilobite, Cyphaspis carrolli was named in his honor. He has donated dozens of specimens to museums and universities, and several that he collected and prepared now reside as type specimens in research collections.

Huntonia trilobite collected on Black Cat Mountain and prepared by Bob Carroll
As a member of AAPS, Black Cat Mountain Trilobites strongly encourages collectors to cooperate with academic paleontologists, record new findings, and make material available for study.

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